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About the Photographer

Hello there, I’m James and I shoot weddings. Shooting a wedding is far more than just saying it, it’s the responsibility given to a person who you have to trust and feel at total ease with. It’s my job to make sure that you don’t even have to consider these things, it is my job to make sure it all comes naturally and that you get to enjoy every second of your day.

I have been privileged to travel the world capturing moments I will cherish forever. A trip to Latin America with my new found love for photography kick started a career in a world like no other. The exciting colours, smells and visions experienced allowed me to build a portfolio which landed me my first creative job and five years later and I have never looked back! 

I am now at a point where weddings are not just a day of glorious work, but all about capturing the first moments of the rest your life together. We need to make sure that you are able to reminisce about your day in years to come, with some fantastic visual aids to assist. To be part of these moments are a privilege and an honour. My style of photography allows for this to play out in the best fashion possible, a reportage yet traditional approach will guarantee great photos with the least fuss still allowing us to capture some natural yet stunning shots of your day.